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Titanium is the name of the material for the dry diving suits of the future! Unlike the thermo-metal " plush" fabrics that have been used until now, Ti-Alpha is a solid Titanium "coating", wich is applied directly on the surface cell structure of the neoprene sheet. This coating is also applied to both, the interior and exterior linings, creating an even more efficient neoprene insulating barrier. The external Ti-Alpha coating reduces the absorbtion of "cold" from the water outside the suit and the internal Ti-alpha controls the absorbtion, storage and reflection of bodies valuable "heat".As the Ti-Alpha coating is solid (not a knitted fabric), it creates a far superior reflective barrier wich, by reducing "heat exchange", allows the neoprene to perform its important insulating functions to the maximum. This gives a 40% insulation improvement against standard lined neoprenes.Due to this ability, it is possible to keep the thickness of the material very low, and so to reduce the weight of neoprene. This also allows to reduce the weight of the lead belt.This new material keep all the good abilities of the usual neoprene. It allows a hight elasticity, more mobility and a very good comfort.A hand made dry diving suit with a thin titanium strenghtened neoprene is the futur dress for every diver

Thermography of a body dressed with a standard 5 mm neoprene diving suit   Thermography of a body dressed with a 5 mm TITANIUM-neoprene diving suit

The loss of body heat is shown by the red areas. The most important loss is around the stomach and under the shoulders. The cold area (in blue), in the middle of the chest, is the result of a breathing (fresh air).Only a little bit of body heat loss ( infrared rays) is visible trough the Titanium-neoprene diving suit, because the heat is reflected to the inside. The heat loss is very low in this case. The temperature of the legs is also remarkable.

Bioprene TM

BiopreneTM is the new generation of antibacterial material treated with AEGISTM Microbe Shield.
The AEGISTM treatment gives long lasting protection against bacteria and prevents lost of color.